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‘Bangers and Cash’ charity challenge in aid of local charity’s Rainbows, One Roof Leicester and Loros

The Sinclair All Stars are embarking on a ’point to point’ (Loughborough to Norfolk) ‘Bangers and Cash’ charity challenge in aid of local charity’s Rainbows, One Roof Leicester  and Loros.


Task  - To Buy a car under £1000 (Decorated and Modelled By Kitty Young, Pete Harding and a litter of cute puppies) and complete challenges en-route.



1. Prestwold Airfield a) Brake test - get up to 30mph and hit the brakes at the line – shortest stopping distance wins. b) Speed wheel change test. Fastest wins – hit the road as soon as you are done!

2. Purchase a Pork Pie in Melton Mowbray (bonus point for the largest diameter pork pie purchased) – Photo proof needed of location of purchase.

3. Photo taken at Rutland Water (Extra point for every random person included in the picture, in or on your car)

4. Cliff Parade Crazy Golf - All team members must play a round of Crazy Golf at Hunstanton – Lowest Score card per team counts.

5. Points awarded for every picture taken at a beach (Team members and vehicles must be included in the picture) – 10 points per beach location

6. Get a photo of stranger sprawled across the bonnet (between Stamford and Wiveton) – 20 points

7. Best interior vehicle decoration completed en route (Themes e.g. Childrens party, 80’s, Jungle, Christmas) – 30 points

8. Least amount of fuel left in tank on arrival at destination - bravest wins! Challenges 1 – 5 and 9 will be scored 12 points (to the winner) down to 1 point (last place).

Bonus Points

1. Bonus points for each team in which all members go into the sea at Brancaster (Photo evidence required) – 10 points per picture

2. Random check points may be released throughout the day via What3Words and all vehicles are required to check-in – 15 points per check point met

3. Photo taken en route of the same car (make and model) in the same year of registration – 5 points for each photo / 15 points for each car of the same colour

4. 1 point award for every 10,000 miles over 150,000 miles on the clock.

5. Picture of your car in the most random location – 20 points

6. Rescue bonus - 25 points to the assisting team per competing participant who has broken down and then is delivered to Wiveton Bell or to whom successful breakdown assistance is provided en route.

7. 25 points for the car most likely to be driven by a hairdresser.


Penalty Points/Fines (severe punishments for dishonesty!)

1. Stopped by the Police – minus 20 points

2. Every time the car bonnet gets opened – minus 10 points

3. Parking fine – minus 5 points

4. Flat tyre – minus 10 points

5. Wrong fuel – minus 100 points Cash penalties will apply for misbehaviour and mechanical failings so please bring some money with you so we can boost the charity collection.




All competitors take part at their own risk – the organisers accept no responsibility. • The adjudicator’s decision is final! • All vehicles must have a valid MOT at the point of purchase, be 10 years or older and cannot cost more than £1,000. • Vehicle modifications are encouraged and points will be up for grabs for the most radical vehicle. • Competitors required to wear an outfit in the typical style of the buyer of your car from new. • All cars to be sold after the event within one month and the proceeds paid over to Mather Jamie for onward distribution to the three charities (Rainbows, One Roof Leicester, LOROS). £200 additional charity contribution for all passengers taking part.


To donate and show support for these amazing charities and help the Sinclair ALL STARS in their goal click the link. All donations no matter how small will be hugely appreciated.