Community to Raise £100,000 to Fund life saving Immunotherapy for Louise

Louise has been an active member of the Sileby community. Let's all do what we can to help her get this lifesaving treatment for her and for her boys

Louise’s story - Louise was diagnosed with grade 2B cervical cancer almost a year ago. Never missed a smear test. She visited her GP several times over several months – he dismissed her concerns as hormonal after the birth of baby Jude. Finally after a private scan, she was diagnosed and Chemo and radio therapy followed. After months of gruelling treatment she completed her treatment in July 2016, they weren’t talking treatable they were talking curable. The next hurdle arrived, after she discovered a lump in her neck while waiting for the results of her initial treatment – more CT scans, bloods test revealed our worst nightmare the cancer had spread and they had now said it was incurable. Shortly before Christmas she completed her next round of radiation. Things seemed to be looking up, early January she was told no progression and things looked stable. Louise’s condition has deteriorated she is now very poorly, and has been in hospital for over 2 weeks, she had lifesaving surgery last week to stop a serious bleed. There is progression, and there is now no other options available under the NHS. 
37 years old, with three beautiful boys Joseph (12), Mateo (10) and baby Jude (1) – she isn’t ready to leave her boys and she needs your help. The family are exploring a private treatment called immunotherapy – it is the last, and only hope. There is nothing else left. The treatment is expensive, but alll is being done to give her that chance, the chance of more life, more time, more love. Please, please share and be part of this appeal and give as much support to Louise as possible.

To donate please pop into the office or follow the link -

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